Bar Mock Trial 2018 Competition

Posted on: 27/11/2018

Well done to Copthall School’s 2018 Bar Mock Trial competition team.  The team of 17 students spent Saturday 24th November at the Inner London Crown Court in South London and performed extremely strongly in three rounds against a range of other schools.

Our advocates were Sadia Zare 11T, Mariam Ebrahim 11L, Djamila Halouane 11A, Holly Boateng 11L, Evelyn Taylor 11L and Melisa Ak 11H. The role of advocate is extremely pressurised but the students rose to the challenge with amazing confidence.  They each presented their cases with clarity and questioned and cross-examined the witnesses with expertise.  The QC Judge who was presiding over one of the rounds was clearly very impressed with Djamila’s defence and her skilful cross-examination of the Prosecution’s witness which culminated in the witness agreeing that her evidence was unreliable.  Students playing witnesses also performed well, at times under intense questioning from the opposing school.  The jurors played an important part by listening to the cases, and then deciding on a verdict.  Suleikha Mohamoud VIC and Alex Panduru VIO took on the roles of Court Clerk and Usher at the last minute, both being an asset to the team.

The competition gives an invaluable insight into the legal profession, as well as helping to develop the skills and confidence of all those who took part.  While Copthall did not get through to the finals, it was extremely close and was certainly an experience that will stay with the students in the future.

Kath Viala

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