Copthall Connected

We are delighted to introduce our Student Senior Leadership Team. All of whom shone in their applications, in particular their passion towards their fellow students and school values. Already, they are making an enormous contribution to school life.

Head Students
Alia M.
Maabena A.

Deputy Head Students
Kathryn B.
Bibi M.
Laila S.

Student Senate President, Vice President & Year Representative
Malayara A.
Noor S.
Hena K.

Assistant Head Students
Fizza B.
Marilena K.
Miluzy M.
Chloe M.
Sandusi Y.

Senior Prefects
Alimat O.
Marya Z.
Sumayah S.
Aaliyah S.

The senate is made up of elected members of each form group in the school from Year 7 right through to Year 13 and it is the responsibility of the form representative to ensure that their groups views are heard at the senate and that outcomes and achievements are fed back promptly.

Year representatives take part in meetings in order to help address whole school issues pertinent to the students and their learning experiences as well as their day to day wellbeing. The meetings serve as opportunity to voice any views or concerns relating to their experience of school. The meetings are a structured platform for discussion and feedback.

The senior student leadership team and Year representatives each meet regularly and are currently formalising their key priorities for this academic year.