Equality Diversity Inclusion Programme

Alan Sennit Upstander's Programme           

Copthall School are proud to have 10 students from Year 10  who have picked to be a part of the Alan Sennit Programme after going through an application process. During the programme the students will attend 4 day long seminars between December and  May meeting  students from other schools and learning about their backgrounds. They will learn leadership skills and how to become Upstanders in society by taking an active role in helping different communities by creating their own social action project In addition, the students will also develop their knowledge on anti-discrimination topics concerning antisemitism, anti-Muslim hate, LGBTQ+ discrimination, anti-disability prejudice and racism. This programme will end with a graduation ceremony bringing all the schools together in June.

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Year 13 SNS Assembly introducing Bridge Builders

On the  Friday 14th January 2022 Copthall’ s Year 13s were introduced to the SNS Bride Builders Programme. This is an online leadership programme of three modules on Interfaith Leadership; Israel-Palestine and Conflict resolution and Peace Building. Although the main programme has been postponed due to covid anyone interested in Bridge Builders are encouraged  to consider applying for the SNS Student Leadership Programme, its in-person cousin. Details and application form can be found here: Student Leadership Programme

Year 7 Stand Up – Stand Up Antibullying

On Friday 28th January 2022 our Year 7 students attended a Stand Up Anti Bullying workshop where they were encouraged to think about what is racial and religious bullying and explores the themes of respect, empathy and tolerance within and outside the school setting. The students discussed a variety of bullying scenarios, with a specific focus on racial and religious bullying and how to be an upstander rather than a bystander.

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Holocaust Memorial Day    

Copthall was extremely happy to take up Hasmonean Girls school’s invitation for twenty Year 10 students to attend an Holocaust Memorial Day event on Friday 28th January.  The students were very warmly welcomed by Hasmonean and participated fully in a range of activities.  It was fantastic to see students from both schools discovering more about each other, and realising that they shared similar hopes and interests.  Mrs Abecasis,  gave a very moving presentation about Alfred who was a child when the Nazis came to power in Germany.  His family were forced to flee from Nazi persecution and then broken up entirely when he and his sister were placed in a catholic orphanage in the hope of saving them.  Alfred never saw his parents again but did survive the war and ended up travelling to the United States as a teenager with his sister.  It was very emotional when Mrs Abecasis revealed that Alfred was her father.  The visit gave students a valuable insight into the impact of the Holocaust, and helped to strengthen links between the two schools.

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Year 12 Stand Up -Media and Propaganda

On Tuesday 1st February 2022 the Year 12s attended a follow up workshop addressing the boundary between hate speech and free speech as well as looking at  the phenomena of fake news. They explored the misrepresentation of communities through the spread of stereotypes and examined how incidents are reported in the media. The students were given methods and tools for campaigning online and reporting misinformation on Social Media empowering them to make a difference.


Yr12s you are the future leaders. Change is in your hands. Let’s try to create a school and wider environment where everyone feels happy and respected.

Zaynab from Stand Up EAD 
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Year 9 Stand Up -Anti Discrimination

On Tuesday 8th February 2022 the Year 9s attending a Stand Up Anti-Discrimination workshop exploring antisemitism  and  anti-Muslim hate. During this session the students defined racism, antisemitism, anti-Muslim hate and other forms of discrimination with a focus on British Values and the Equality Act (2010). They looked at basic principles and beliefs  of Judaism and Islam and broke down stereotypes seen on mainstream and social media. The students were given skills and tools to responsibly challenge hate crime empowering them to make a difference.

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Solutions Not Sides  - STAFF 

On Wednesday 9th February 2022 Copthall staff attended a workshop with Solutions Not Sides looking at how to create safe spaces and have open conversations with our students around the complex issues of Israel/Palestine. The staff were given an understanding of the narratives in Israel-Palestine, partisan activism in relation to Israel-Palestine and an understanding of how  Islamophobia and Antisemitism arises in relation to the conflict.

Some feedback from the teachers;

“The session tackled difficult topics and gave us all tools and skills to have conversations more confidently regarding these issues.”

“I have now a better understanding of the reasons behind the conflict and key ways to support young people in conversations to support their understanding.”

“The session provided detailed explanation on Antisemitism and Islamophobia and how to reduce the possible hatred and promote more understanding, empathy and respect among people.”

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Year 10 and 11 - 28 March 2022

On Monday 28th March 2022 the year 10s and 11s took part in a workshop learning about general conflict under-standing, building critical-thinking skills and understanding conflict resolution with the application of these principles to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The session also gave some background from both points of view as to the issues at the heart of the conflict, both past and present, and features real-life experiences and aspirations of people who are living through it, told in person by Israeli and Palestinian speakers from the region. The students were given a chance to ask our Israeli and Palestinian visitors questions and explored how  Islamophobia and Antisemitism arises in relation to the conflict.

The first two sessions were run by our lovely Copthall staff which was a build up to the final session. The final session was on the 28th of March 2022 and involved speakers coming to speak to our students from both Israel and Palestine sharing their experiences. Students were encouraged to ask any questions they had prepared from the previous two sessions to both the speakers. Overall there was positive feedback from the students and the facilitators. 

Some Feedback from students:

What did you enjoy?

"Both sides and perspectives were shown, as well as showing what life was like." - H. Omar

"Being empowered to speak about the issue. Being able to talk to the Peace activists from Israel and Palestine" - A.Jamil

Did you feel this was a safe space to ask questions?

I do feel that it was a safe place as we were given the option to relay our questions personally or anonymously- which decreased the pressure and anxiety that some would of had if they were expected to voice their points of view, had they been controversial or miscommunicated.

Do you feel these sessions have changed your perspective on the situation?

"I feel that my views are often based on trends or movements that are popular on social media whereas this session presented a different more honest truth to the conflict and the many misunderstandings that occur due to lack of communication and ignorance."  - M. Albadri

"It brings to light that ordinary people are affected badly from both sides." - R. Rajavel Rekha

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