Copthall has a proud history of successful Sixth Form teaching and learning. We foster independent and academically curious young women, who achieve great things both with us and on their departure.

Our curriculum offers a wide range of A Level, Level 3 BTEC and Technical Qualification courses, to ensure all learners have appropriate pathways to lead them to future success. We offer a diverse choice of subjects giving our students the opportunity to tailor their studies towards their individual strengths and needs. We supplement these with fortnightly enrichment, PSHE and an outstanding careers programme.

We pride ourselves on offering a high quality learning environment supported by a dedicated pastoral team. The Sixth Form team is lucky to have an experienced team tutors to set the tone of high expectations, hard work and academic rigour and are on hand to advise, support and lead Sixth Formers through their studies and monitor their progress on a regular basis.

Our aims are:

  • To enable every student to achieve her full potential
  • To ensure every student is on a programme of study appropriate for their individual skills and needs
  • To provide all necessary guidance with regard to entry to Universities, Higher Education establishments, Apprenticeship programmes or employment
  • To provide the support and guidance for students to be happy, successful and responsible citizens of the future

The Wider Curriculum

Alongside our dedicated Enrichment programme, the Sixth Form students play a unique and valuable role in the school and all students are encouraged to get involved in a whole range of school activities that develop a sense of community and social responsibility as well as developing personal skills which help them prepare for Higher Education and the workplace. As part of our student leadership programme our students can be seen around the school supporting in class, helping run the library, supporting students with their reading and acting as mentors to our younger pupils as well as helping to run and organise school wide events. We have also have many students who volunteer with local NHS groups and in the charity sector.

Pastoral Curriculum

Students also partake in a pastoral curriculum that is delivered by tutors through daily registration and weekly assemblies. Students learn how to study effectively, discuss current affairs and plan their futures. During PSHE students cover all the required content under statutory guidance, and have the opportunity to learn about a whole number of vital life enhancing topics like our political structures and how to understand and administer finances appropriately. We have regular assemblies to celebrate and learn as a year group, and as a full Sixth Form. Year 12 and Year 13 also have their own dedicated drop down days, or dedicated weeks such as UCAS preparation day and work experience week.

The Sixth Form Centre

Sixth Form students have access to the Sixth Form Centre providing students with state of the art facilities for them to study in a university style environment. The Sixth Form Centre is accommodated in a suite of rooms across two floors. The Centre includes its own café, separate kitchen facilities and a dedicated area for quiet study with computers to enhance the quality of learning. The main emphasis in all of the areas is on independent study. We aim to provide a quiet environment which is conducive to effective learning.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement remains an important feature of Sixth Form education at Copthall School and there is regular reporting to parents through regular reports, and at parent’s evenings. Parents are also encouraged to contact their daughter’s tutor or a member of the Sixth Form Team, should they have any questions or concerns.

Support for the curriculum

2020-21: Copthall School will use the additional Covid 16 to 19 tuition fund to provide individual specialist tuition to students in English and Maths above and beyond the programmes of education already planned for 2020 to 2021. This tuition is scheduled for the Spring Term to help prepare students for their examinations. Students have been selected based on an assessment of need, disadvantage and their ability to access learning opportunities throughout lockdown.

2021-22: Copthall School will use the additional Covid 16 to 19 tuition fund to provide individual specialist tuition to students in English and Maths above and beyond the programmes of education already planned for 2021 to 2022. This will support students in small groups to meet the expected requirements for education and ensure that they can progress on to their destination of choice through personalised programmes funded in accordance with the guidance laid out by the DfE. We will also use the funding to support our learners who have been significantly disrupted in the vocational programmes of study, who have been disadvantaged by the pandemic, many of whom are students with SEND needs.