Student Council

The School Council at Copthall is a long established and well student embedded council in the school community. It is at the heart of student voice in our school. At Copthall we encourage students to voice their views actively and to take responsibility for their learning and their environment.

The School Council is a yearly elected council which allows students from all of year groups the opportunity to represent the views of their peers, the school, staff and most importantly the entire student body in a variety of different contexts.

All year groups, from Year7 -13 have an active elected Year Council which meets regularly with the Learning Coordinator responsible for them. These meetings help address whole school issues pertinent to the students and their learning experiences as well as their day to day well-being. The meetings serve as opportunity to voice any views or concerns relating to their experience of school. The meetings are a structured platform for discussion and feedback.

The School Council agendas always include items from the year council meetings; however, they will also involve more strategic matters which may impact on students. Examples of some of the school Council‘s work are:

  • Improving the catering services for students in the school.
  • Feedback to the Local authority on the consultation of the planned building work at Copthall.
  • Involvement in the redevelopment of the school website and re branding of the school
  • Contribution to the development of student questionnaires.
  • Review of relevant policies e.g. school policies on the behaviour, social moral and cultural.


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