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A Positive Learning Environment that Inspires a Passion for Learning so that Every Student Progresses and Thrives.

At Copthall, all staff, whether in teaching or support roles, are highly valued and their contribution to our students is appreciated by the whole school community. The school provides an environment for staff to thrive and develop professionally, whilst enhancing the experience of Copthall students.

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As part of our safeguarding obligations, we will carry out online searches on candidates as part of our due diligence. In doing this, we will only be looking at information which might potentially impact a candidate’s ability to carry out the role, and we recognise that there is a difference between a candidate’s public and private life. We will carry out this search as part of the application process.

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Why I Love Working At Copthall School ...

The students are what really make the school. They, along with staff, make up a family like atmosphere which is apparent when you walk around the school. The school has really made great strides to become a good school and we are transforming to become outstanding!
Miss P Dave

I love working at Copthall because my students are eager to learn, make progress and achieve excellent results.
Miss N Rathindran

I love working at Copthall because I get to teach girls’ who are passionate about learning. The day starts by greeting my wonderful form; who always enter the room with a smile on their face. This sets me up and places a spring in my step for the day ahead. My colleagues also keep me motivated; everyone has made me  feel so welcome which I am truly grateful for.
RE Teacher

I enjoy the camaraderie and general support within our SEND team. The students are varied and all have their special qualities
Mrs R Mojaria

I love working at Copthall because of the diverse community and approach in fostering young people’s wellbeing. I love listening to the students experiences and curiosity for their inner and outer world as they navigate through the school.  
Mrs Mehta, School Counsellor

I love working at Copthall because every day the operations and administration teams care and go out of their way to ensure the safety of our students and provide seamless efficient support enabling outstanding teaching and learning across the school; and they are truly lovely people too!
Mr A Livingston

I love working at Copthall because I am allowed to teach. What I mean by this is, in my lessons the girls are actively engaged, motivated, bright, inquisitive and eager to learn- this makes my job enjoyable every day.
Mrs A Dyson

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to do supply work in your school. It was gratifying to see how committed,  helpful and respectful everyone was and this includes both staff and students. A deep sense of respect for diversity which permeates right from the top of the hierarchy. A deep sense of innate belief - This can be only down to one important factor: Good leadership and this was confirmed from my interactions with both members of staff and students. Well done for getting this RIGHT. Thank you Ms Forde,  Mrs Fahad,  receptionists, librarian, the lady who led me all the way to the library, students and the  entire community of Copthall School for Girls. I'm humbled by this experience. Thank you.
Mr Buadi – Cover Supervisor

I love being a Governor at Copthall because being part of a passionate, dedicated and talented team of governors and staff makes me happy and the transformational changes we have made makes me very proud.
Chair of Governors