Curriculum Overview

Our mission of ‘Excellent education for all’ is embedded within our Copthall curriculum so that students experience an exciting and broad education of the highest standard

Our mission of ‘Excellent education for all’ is embedded within our Copthall curriculum so that students experience an exciting and broad education of the highest standard. Learning at Copthall school is underpinned by our School Values of Aspiration, Equality for all, Support and Safety, Responsibility and Respect.

We encourage our students to become independent learners through a broad and balanced curriculum that allows them to develop skills and knowledge which they will need in the future to gain the qualifications to allow them to progress, enjoy and succeed in their adult lives.

The curriculum offer at Copthall includes all of the traditional subjects that you would expect to see in a school as well as a more specialist range of subjects. Learning extends beyond the classroom and is supported by an extensive range of wider learning opportunities, including excursions, extra-curricular activities and external partnerships.

The curriculum at Copthall reflects the knowledge and content as stated in the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and a range of qualifications which have been carefully selected to meet the needs of all our students at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

Key Stage 3

Students study a broad range of subjects at Key Stage 3. We emphasise the importance of core skills and knowledge with substantial time being devoted to English, Maths and Science at KS3, so that students are given every opportunity to progress academically and are proficient in skills of Reading, Writing, Communication and Mathematics. The Copthall curriculum also offers a full breadth of foundation subjects taught within a balanced two-week timetable.

Students have the opportunity to study two Modern Foreign Languages throughout Key Stage 3 so that they are fully prepared for making suitable option choices at Key Stage 4. History and Geography are taught as discrete subjects, as are the foundation subjects of Computing, Physical Education and Citizenship which is delivered as part of the PSHE curriculum.  Dance is taught as a discrete subject at Key Stage 3, which is a part of a long established school tradition.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is supported by a structured pastoral programme, and the delivery of Religious Education and PSHE. These aspects of the curriculum are central to the spiritual; moral social and cultural development of our students.

Knowledge and skills are delivered through engaging topics that are relevant, thematically broad and diverse, aimed at stimulating intellectual curiosity and to support each individual in developing confidence, with a sense of purpose and place in modern day Britain.

Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Copthall provides courses to meet the aptitudes and aspirations of all of our students. Transitions into Key Stages are planned in detail and with consideration to the needs of individuals so that the support for students when making subject choices at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 are informed and balanced.

Equal opportunities are an integral part of our curriculum planning and our practice.  Whilst we provide individual support to students where needed, our curriculum is one which celebrates and is built around an inclusive approach.  We firmly believe that all of our students are part of a strong and diverse community who are entitled to full access of subjects and experiences.

At Key Stage 5, programmes of study are tailored to meet the aptitudes and aspirations of all, so that students build on the skills and knowledge previously learnt. Studying at Copthall in Year 12 and Year 13 supports the development of each individual student so that they gain independence and greater personal responsibility, ready for the world work of Higher/Further Education and the workplace.

General Curriculum Information

The school operates a two-week timetable. There are six periods per day, each of which last for 55 minutes. There are 58 periods in each timetable cycle.

All students from year 7-13 have a morning registration which runs for 20 minutes.  During this time, students engage in a structured pastoral programme centred around our Values of Aspiration, Respect, Responsibility, Equality for All and Support and Safety. There is also a weekly year group assembly and termly whole school assembly.

All students from Year 7-13 participate in PSHE. The PSHE curriculum is designed to support all students’ personal development and growth.

Students at Copthall are on a five to seven year learning journey. Our curriculum is carefully designed to support knowledge and skills over time, and with subjects and courses that allow for progression at different stages.

Please see the document below of the school Curriculum Model 2023-2024


Curriculum Overview Date  
Curriculum Model 2023-2024 03rd Oct 2023 Download