Mental Health & Wellbeing


At Copthall we understand that we ALL have Mental Health. Like our physical health, it is important that we take the time to 'check-in' with our emotional health to see how we are doing. Like everything in life, it is about striking a balance. Sometimes we need to spend more time bettering our sleeping hygiene or focusing on our eating habits, maybe we are studying too much and not giving enough time to relax or do calming activities. At Copthall, there are many trusted adults that students can talk to about their mental health and wellbeing for advice. But also, as parents, we need to ensure that our mental health and wellbeing is positive too as we can't pour from an empty cup! 

At Copthall we have PHSE classes and a Physical Education curriculum that gives focus on wellbeing issues, tailored for the different year groups. We have assemblies and form-times with talks about specific topics for example, how to cope with stress. In addition to this, we have extra-curriculum activities, trips and visits and overall it is reflected in the ethos of the school as one of our core values at Copthall is 'support and safety'. Staff also have many training sessions on emerging mental health issues in the school and how to respond to them. We are always learning. 

A positive mindset will help us to engage in learning better which is why it is vital to dedicate time to our mental health and wellbeing. Students who are happier will learn better and achieve more. 

This aim of this page is to give guidance and quality information for both parents and students to gain support and advice on how to best support yourself or your child's own mental health and wellbeing. Please see some useful links and videos and if you have any concerns about your child, please get in touch. 

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