Yr12 Safe Drive Stay Alive trip – 27th November 2018

Posted on: 27/11/2018

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Young drivers are much more likely to be involved in a crash on the roads, often due to inexperience and a lack of knowledge of the risks. Around 1 in 4 deaths on the road are drivers aged 17-24. What a scary thought to know is that, this could effect one of the students in Copthall or even you. Well, thank god for productions like Safe Drive Stay Alive.

Yr12 had an opportunity to attend the Safe Drive Stay Alive event in November. It is produced by a road safety partnership to help reduce the number of people dying each year. The whole motto behind the event is to campaign, so the message can reach new and pre-drivers in an emotive and hard-hitting way, influencing better behaviour and attitudes on the roads.

Through a combination of stories from emergency contact services who have experienced first-hand tragic road related accidents, to hearing the grieving mother whose son died at the age of only 19 in a car accident, and finally a young man who was a part of a horrific car accident that left him with brain trauma and had his life ripped apart, due to his lifelong injuries. The event has surely left an impact on the girls and an important message of yes, get a licence, learn to drive, it is exciting but be safe because we want you to STAY ALIVE!

The good news is that since 2004 the number of under 25’s killed in car crashes has fallen by nearly three quarters, but there is still more to do.

With that,

Safe Drive Stay Alive!

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