Lets talk about Mental Health!

Posted on: 25/11/2018

This term we had an assembly on mental health, from the organisation Kooth. This is an online counselling and emotional wellbeing platform for young people which is accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop. The topics the speaker mentioned made me realise what mental health actually is in depth. What I have learnt from the talk, is that mental health a serious topic that affects many people’s everyday lifestyles and we should acknowledge this. This has taught me that the smallest things can build up and can turn into a severe mental health condition e.g. depressions, anxiety, and stress. These could unfortunately lead to people self-harming. I also learnt that mental disorders can lead to people feeling alienated from society. If you feel that you may be developing or are currently suffering from a mental health condition, then you can visit Kooth anonymously at OR download the app.


Year 12