Religious Studies Trip to St Paul's Church of England Primary School, Mill Hill

Posted on: 25/02/2019

Students from years 9 and 10 visited the St Paul’s Church of England Primary School, Mill Hill. We presented a PowerPoint about different ways light is used in different religions such as in Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity and presented it to a year 5 class. In this presentation, we talked about Jesus being presented in the Bible as the light of life and giving people hope. In Hinduism, many people celebrate Diwali by lighting candles because light signifies purity, goodness, good luck and power. In Judaism, during Hanukkah candles are lit on each evening as light is a sign of God's spirit and guiding force which represents hope and joy. We played the traditional Jewish game usually played during Hanukkah involving a dreidel with a student from Copthall on each table. In teams with Year 5 students, one person had to try and gain as many counters as they could to get a prize. Finally, we had a student from each table come up and place their hand in 3 different boxes; including slime, a sponge and a light bulb. Without the ability to see these objects the children could not guess what they were, teaching them the importance of light in our everyday lives. The students from St Paul's and Copthall enjoyed the experience especially the chocolates and doughnuts given to all of us. Overall, this was a great trip which allowed us to work with younger students and represent Copthall School and we would happily do it again!

by Ailin Sadeghian 10L

Written by Ms M Cohen
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