Holi Event

Posted on: 14/03/2024

On culture day, we threw a Holi celebration.

The Holi Festival is celebrated as a way to welcome in spring, and also is seen as a new beginning where people can release all their inhibitions and start fresh. At the Holi Festival, participants throw powder dye into the air, covering all in attendance with vibrant colours. In a religious sense, the colours are rich with symbolism and have multiple meanings: they can mean a vibrant new life and even represent sin in a way. For some, washing off the dye at the end of the day can mean new commitment to live well, as cleansing oneself of evils and demons.

Students got involved in throwing the powder dye and overall had a fantastic experience.

A massive thank you to all the staff and students involved in this event, especially Mr Alaka and Ms Aziz and the 6th formers who helped out.

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