Maths in Action Trip

Posted on: 13/03/2024


On the 7th March, Mathematics Department took a group of A Level students to the ‘Maths in Action’ seminar in London.

The day included a range of talks from 6 different speakers who guided our students through range of topics, from advanced calculus to mathematical modelling. In addition to the interactive sessions, they were provided with an exam masterclass session which gave an insight into strategies and tips on how to improve their grades.

Students found the seminar thoroughly engaging and they were amazed to see how maths is linked to real life applications.

Feedback from students:

Nehma - " We attended the 'Maths in Action' trip; I really enjoyed our experience. The most interesting session to me was the first, by Alison Kiddle, where we learnt about the risks associated with certain activities such as hand gliding and the unit of measurement, 'micromort'. "

Baseera - " I really enjoyed attending the 'Maths in Action' trip. It was a great opportunity for us to deepen our knowledge of maths and truly understand how it is incorporated into our everyday lives, an example of this being the different modes of transport that we choose to take and finding out how safe they are by finding their value in micromorts. I appreciate how we looked at different areas of maths so that the sessions didn't feel repetitive but it also showed us how maths is very diverse considering it interlinks with many different subject areas. Personally, the session that I found most interesting was when Dr Katie Steckles showed us how numbers and symbols in maths changed over time and we looked at the different numeral systems around the world. We were told that during earlier periods, numbers and symbols in equations were all written down in words and personally, I would've found it very confusing to do maths if it was still the same. "

Saeema - " When we went on the 'Maths in Action' trip, I really enjoyed the lecture on Topology by Dr Colin Wright. I found it really interesting when we looked at the different number of sides and edges on geometric objects and then discussed how that would change after we create and remove holes. "

Hana - " We went to the 'Maths in Action' trip and I really enjoyed the session by Dr Colin Wright who discussed Topology as well as the session by Dr Matt Pritchard which explored the maths involved in optical illusion designs. "

Matahera - " During the 'Maths in Action' trip, I gained a valuable insight into the world of maths outside of the curriculum level which really helped me think critically about the way maths works around the world. "