Bletchley Park 24 June 2022

Posted on: 28/06/2022

Bletchley Park 24 June 2022                                                                                                                        

As part of STEM enrichment program, a group of year 9 and year 8 students travelled to Bletchley Park to discover the incredible achievements of Britain’s WW2 codebreakers, in the place where it happened.  They all enjoyed the day trip, exploring the mansion and all the different code breaking huts, learning the real history behind WW2 and what was achieved by the code breakers.  

Copthall students as always, were a credit to our school.  They were just amazing.

Students’ feedback below showing how much they enjoyed the trip.


“The trip was very educational and I had fun with my friends. I look forward to more trips like this.”


“I enjoyed the trip because I got to learn about the history of code breaking. I also really enjoyed the end when the year 9s all got together and hung out.”


“It was a great experience and helped to expand my knowing on Alan Turing.”  


“The trip to Bletchley Park was interesting because I got to see how and where Alan Turning deciphered the code in WW2. I also got to discover lots of different ways of code breaking and creating a code.”


“The trip to Bletchley Park was an amazing experience and we were able to learn new and interesting facts about Alan Turing and those who were involved in the coding. I would love to go onto other trips like this as it was very enjoyable.”


“During my trip to Bletchley Park, I was able to discover and broaden my knowledge on important figures who helped shortened the Second World War which made a significant impact in history. Overall, I found the trip amazing and the facilities were remarkable and the knowledge I received was very educational.”      


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