STEM Scholars - Copthall's Big Garden Bird Watch 2020

Posted on: 20/01/2020

STEM Scholars have been busy making bird feeders to attract lots of birds to the school site for the Copthall's Big Garden Bird Watch 2020. If you daughter would like to take part in the Schools Big Garden Bird Watch 2020  on Friday the 24th of January, she can sign up on the sheet out side the STEM scholars room before Friday.

If you would like to take part: On Saturday 25th of January, the RSPBs Big Garden Bird Watch 2020.  By giving up an hour of your day to count the number and different types of birds in your garden or Local Park, we can help the RSPB with their vital work in supporting and maintaining the diversity of birds within the United Kingdom. This is an amazing opportunity for you and your family to enjoy a nice hot chocolate and watch the wonderful variety of birds we have in the UK. The school will be using the hashtag #RSPB@copthall and we want to see photos of the birds in your garden and you to record the information on the RSPB website. 

Please download a copy of the RSPB tally sheet,  this will make counting and identifying the birds in your garden a lot easier

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