GCSE Maths in Action 20 November 2019, Emmanuel Centre London

Posted on: 25/11/2019

On Wednesday November 20th 2019 our Y11 and 10 mathematicians travelled to Westminster for another exciting Maths in Action Conference. The girls heard from great speakers including;


James Grime - seeing how messages and photos are transmitted on the internet as well as some fascinating WW2 codebreaking secrets.

Aimi Elias - talking about her career as a software engineer at NOWTV and the mathematical problem solving skills she has had to apply as a civil engineer on the London’s Crossrail project.

Aoife Hunt  -  who wowed us with how the normal distribution and quadratic curve helps her in job to analyse the movements of people and the patterns of large crowds at venues including Wembley Stadium.

Paul Harrison - giving a very useful talk on top tips for being ready for the Maths GCSE examinations with a lovely sense of humour.

Matt Scroggs - applying some mathematical thinking to Pac-Man and other video games. Working out the shortest possible route to complete a Pac-Man level, and discover the 2-, 3- and 4-dimensional shapes that video game characters live on.

The conference ended with a session jam-packed with puzzles, demonstrations and mathematical conundrums from Alex Bellos giving the girls a chance to solve some of his best puzzles published in the Guardian.

The girls, as always, were a credit to our school asking thoughtful questions and immersing themselves into mathematics outside of the classroom. They also had an added bonus of catching some of London’s best sights too!

Some messages from our students….

“The maths in action trip was an amazing opportunity to see how jobs and normal life all connect back to maths. During the day, we listened to many speakers, took part in fun quizzes and watched experiments take place. Overall it was really enjoyable experience.”

Anita 11L


“I really enjoyed this trip especially as I am considering pursuing Maths in the future. It gave me a great insight into jobs with a mathematical twist. Thank you!”

Khadija 11C


“I loved the session with James Grime. Even though he was using high-level maths, he made it accessible and fun. It was a great day!”

Nora 11C



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