Middlesex University STEM Festival Year 10 High Achieving Students Trip

Posted on: 16/03/2017


As part of British Science week selected year 10’s attended a STEM festival at Middlesex University.

They took part in exciting activities organised by the departments of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Mathematics to name a few. Please see the quotes below from students:

  • Nicole French “built an octahedron, which proves that she can think outside the box”
  • Jola Ogidan “completed the tower of Hanoi in less than 10 minutes”
  • Reka Mezei “liked everything but found the campus tour useful”
  • Iustina Roman “learned CPR and enjoyed free food”
  • Karolina Kowalska “the virtual reality roller coaster particularly amazed me”

All in all it was a fantastic trip. Thanks Middlesex!

#MDXSTEM @MiddlesexUni

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