Year 8 - Winners in the Dragons Den!

Posted on: 29/01/2019

A group of Year 8 students have been working incredibly hard since September planning safer ways for Copthall students to travel to school. This has been aided by our mentor Hannah Basham from TfL. On Tuesday 29th January our 12 Youth Travel Ambassadors went to Hendon Town Hall to present their safer school travel project to the Dragons Den. The judges included His Right Honourable Mayor, amongst others.

Copthall were against several other local schools including Mill Hill County, Wren Academy and Whitfield to name a few.

Our students presented with such confidence far beyond their years, and I was so impressed they had rehearsed it to the point of not needing any notes. Although it was daunting to present in front of so many people and adults, our students answered questions admirably knowing their target audience, how to budget and to weigh the costings of their resources, and think on the spot to take on some tough judges’ questions.

We came back with the full £225 we had requested, and now work begins on creating a pedometer app, a poster competition where the winners of each year group in Key Stage 3 and year 9 will have their posters displayed at the bus stops along the 221 route, and launching #ditchthebus.

Congratulations to all the Ambassadors involved.

Mrs Hinski​
Team Leader of Key Stage 3

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