GCSE Maths in Action Conference December 13th 2018, Emmanuel Centre London

Posted on: 18/12/2018

On 13th December 2018 our Year 10 and 11 mathematicians travelled to Westminster for an exciting Maths in Action Conference which fed their aspiration to learn and achieve. The girls heard from great speakers including:

  • Bobby Seagull who selected his dream team of four mathematicians from history and explains why each person deserved to be on his team "A Mind for Maths"
  • Cerys Bradley spoke about Tor and the Dark Net and how mathematics plays a part in cracking cybercrime cases using the immense power of statistics
  • Colin Wright brought together two of his passions, juggling and mathematics, and showed us how we can use patterns to predict future events
  • Paul Harrison gave a fantastically funny but nevertheless very useful talk on top tips for being ready for the Maths GCSE examinations.

The conference ended with a practical puzzle session with Alex Bellos giving the girls a chance to solve some of his best puzzles, as published in the Guardian.

The girls and staff thoroughly enjoyed their day out and had the added bonus of catching some of London’s best sights too! In addition, our students were impeccably behaved so much so that a member of public on the tube took the time to tell us that our girls were a credit to our school!

Some highlights commented by students:

“I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. It was fun and I particularly took a lot from the exam session!” Nora Yr10

“It allowed me to put into practice much that we have learnt in Maths and finally see their applications” Maryam Yr10

“Today was really fun! Thank you!” Leanne Yr10


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