Copthall & Dollis Art Mural - June 2018

Posted on: 28/06/2018

Copthall Art Deptartment worked closely with the Dollis Art lead teacher to plan and facilitate the painting of 2 murals on previously bleak grey playground walls of 3m by 5m each.

Y3 Dollis students and Y8 Copthall students really enjoyed participating in the project.

Towards completion Copthall students interviewed some of the Y3’s to find out how they’d felt about the experience and the difference it had made to their playground as a whole.

Here is what the said:

“Now that there are paintings people really like the playground and it is very beautiful.”   Y3

“Painting the wall was magical” Y3

“Painting the wall made me feel really calm.”   Y3

“My Favourite part is the flossing unicorn because I can do the floss.”  Y3

“I felt a bit nervous because I didn’t want to get anything wrong.” Y3

Written by Ms H Goodall

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