6th Former Zoe Moss Awarded a Scholarship

Posted on: 13/06/2018

Zoe's story

Copthall helped me by showing me the  way in. If it wasn't for the prompting to attend an open day at a uni to which I didn't initially want to go, I never would have discovered the place I wanted to go above all else - I never would have realised that Pearson College Business School was the place for me. It lead me to apply to the uni where I was given the opportunity to sit a test for a fee waiver and a possible scholarship. After success with the fee waiver, I was informed that I had also been shortlisted for the scholarship. They asked me to write a 500 blog based on the concept of 'innovation'. Miss Connolly reviewed my work to give me the best possible chance. I was delighted and excited to be emailed one week later saying 'the scholarship had been awarded to me!' This means I have my first year paid for and a fee waiver for the following years.

Thanks to Copthall School!

Zoe Moss
6th Former
Copthall School
May 2018

Zoe Moss

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