Live webcast from Janine Webber

Posted on: 07/02/2018

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, students from years 10, 12 and 13 joined other students from around the country, and indeed the world, to listen to the live testimony of Janine Webber via a live webcast organised by the Holocaust Education Trust. Janine was born in Poland in the 1930s but her world was torn apart when the Nazis invaded her part of Poland.  Janine lost her mother, father and brother but survived herself due to a combination of luck and certain people risking their own lives to help Jewish people.  Janine, who is now 85, had a very strong message for the young people watching: that we should recognise each other’s humanity, not persecute people for being different and that we should not stand by when we see intolerance of racism.

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Written by Kath Viala
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