Magic me, Salesforce staff & Copthall come together at Salesforce towers!

Posted on: 09/01/2018

Inspired, hope, equality”, these were the emotions expressed from the Copthall girls as we left the Salesforce tower in the City of London from the 27th floor!

On the 18th December 2017, Copthall girls from different age groups across years 7-13 had the opportunity to participate in a moving Decorum event hosted by Magic Me, a charity that connect generations, through their intergenerational arts projects.

The project involved us collaborating with 14 women who work for Salesforce and together to reflect on ‘manners’ and society views, perspectives expectations and subconscious roles. The group discussion that ensued, opened up hearts and minds of both the adults and Copthall students.

This event has truly brought both generations together to celebrate empowerment of women, which has filled us with a sense of inspiration and hope, so that one day we might pass on these teachings to our relatives and friends and “shout for the stars and more”.

We would like to thank the team at Salesforce for inviting us to the tower and providing us all with a delicious lunch and space to really engage in this workshop. We look forward to working with you again very soon.

By: Tiger Lilly Williams 11A

Maddie Mccarthy 7A, Laila Sohbi 8C, Shawal Shabbir 9H, Sophie Turner 9C, Anais Dayo 10L, Devika Shah 10T, Arghavan Kefayati 11A, Anita Krasniqi VIC, Blessing Sesay VIT, Emma Betts VIL, Hibah Imam VIA, Destiny Lawrence VIL.

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