Women in Politics

Posted on: 16/11/2017

On Tuesday 14th November two female members of the London Assembly visited Copthall to discuss all things political with the new School Council members and members of the Sixth Form.

Fiona Twycross (Labour) and Sian Berry (Green) shared their individual stories and why they got involved in politics.  Fiona talked about always being passionate about making a difference to people’s lives and being very politically active at university.  She is now on the Health Committee, Economy Committee and the body that runs London’s fire service.  Sian came to politics late after completing an engineering degree and found that the Green Party best reflected her views on society and the environment. She is currently involved in Community Policing, Regeneration and Rent Control projects for the London Assembly.

There was an exciting discussion around Brexit and both were very sorry that Britain is leaving the EU, although they were not sure that everyone still wants it.  They both agreed that there was a lack of information around the subject.  They were also very sure that if young people had been allowed to vote the result would have been different as young people are very pro-European and will suffer the most if we leave.

We could have talked for a lot longer, but were all inspired by what these women in Politics have achieved in their lives.

Mrs Cohen