Copthall's Oxbridge Programme

Posted on: 09/10/2017

As part of our vision, Copthall is committed to furthering the aspirations and academic success of our students. On Monday 18th September, selected students in Years 11, 12 and 13 attended a workshop to inform and educate them about aspiring to apply to Oxford or Cambridge University.

Copthall's Oxbridge Programme has been devised to enable students who may be interested in applying to Oxford or Cambridge University, to participate in opportunities that will develop them as academics, thus preparing them for the competitive environment they may face in the coming years.

Marcus Ereira, one of our School governors and Dr Nasos Papdopoulous ran the introductory session for applications to Oxbridge and competitive Russell Group universities. Nasos is an associate lecturer at Goldsmith University, Oxbridge graduate and very successful tutor. He runs an extremely successful podcast 'Meta Learn’; including interviews with leading entrepreneurs, teachers, bloggers and thinkers (in education) from all over the world.

Marcus Ereira commented

" We are so excited to be able to provide this opportunity to the girls at Copthall. Dr Nasos  was really impressed by the calibre and aspirations the group demonstrated. We look forward to tracking their progress and expanding the scheme in the future years"

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