Year 10 enjoy an event with Barnet Age UK

Posted on: 21/02/2024

Pastoral team of Copthall School were delighted organise an event that took place in the Sixth Form centre where Year 10 students warmly welcomed Barnet Age UK, embracing the opportunity to connect with and support their local community.

Their enthusiasm was evident as they organised a variety of engaging activities, including a delightful Easter egg painting competition. Through their dedicated efforts, this group of students not only fostered meaningful connections with the elderly members of Barnet but also strengthened the community bonds, exemplifying the spirit of unity and kindness. Their contribution to building the Barnet community network is truly commendable and reflects their genuine care and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

In addition to the Easter egg painting competition, the Year 10 students also organised a safari bag painting activity, adding another layer of creativity and joy to their interaction with Barnet Age UK. Amidst the artistic endeavours, the students engaged in deep and meaningful conversations with the members of the group, exchanging stories, experiences, and wisdom. These conversations not only bridged generational gaps but also fostered mutual understanding and empathy, leaving a lasting impact on both the students and the elderly members of the community. The combination of creative expression and heartfelt dialogue underscored the students' dedication to creating inclusive and enriching experiences for everyone involved.

Both the year 10s and the group of 26 from Barnet Age UK have enjoyed this event.

We wish to congratulate our year 10 students who made this event happen.


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