International Evening 2023

Posted on: 17/05/2023

On Tuesday 9th of May, 200 students and family members came to Copthall in the evening to celebrate our 3rd International Evening. On show were a Bollywood dancing performance, Attan dancing from our lovely Afghan girls, Afro beat dancing performance by our enthusiastic year 7s, a singing performance by our year 11 student and the showpiece was a fashion show of 80 students from 20  different countries such as India, Ghana, Sri Lanka, China, Romania, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq who showcased their cultural dress to the school community. This was followed by an international food hall, where performers and guests shared homemade food and encouraged their friends to try the wonderfully tasty dishes they had brought. Dishes included 'Puff Puff' from West Africa, 'Gosh Feel' from Afghanistan, and much more. The event generated so much enthusiasm and excitement amongst the students, and we will definitely explore the possibility of expanding the event to allow even more to take part and their families to attend, as I know that there were many who were disappointed to miss out this time around. It was wonderful to witness the full diversity of Copthall students and families and to have provided them a space to celebrate their differences. We look forward to welcoming you to this fantastic event again next year.

Miss Hashemi
Teacher of MFL

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