Loving Classrooms pilot programme Year 8

Posted on: 14/09/2022

Year 8 launched the Loving Classroom pilot programme during form time this week. Loving Classrooms will take place during every Tuesday form time within Year 8. As parents/carers, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to check in with your child as to how their Tuesday Loving Classroom session has gone each week.

This is a very exciting opportunity, which has been set up by Sir Anthony Seldon. The programme is centred around 8 key virtues: Respect, Compassion, Listening, Kindness, Gratitude, Love, Friendship and Care. Loving Classrooms is designed to help encourage students to think before they speak, think before they act, and to appreciate those in their lives.

Using the 8 key virtues, Year 8 will be taught key skills to ensure both personal and academic development. The Year 8 team are incredibly excited to be taking part in the programme, and look forward to evaluating its success.

Please see some lovely photos from the launch, alongside a short video for Parents/Carers to watch, from Sir Anthony Seldon.

Miss Ellis.

Yr8 Loving School Programme 04

Yr8 Loving School Programme 02

Yr8 Loving School Programme 01

Yr8 Loving School Programme 03

Yr8 Loving School Programme 05