Year 9 & 10 at the English National Ballet

Posted on: 23/05/2022

A group of Year 9 and 10s spent a fabulous day at English National Ballet. The focus of the day was an insight into careers within a professional dance company and the students explored careers within technical stage management, costume department, marketing and social media as well as  the role of a dancer within a classical dance company. As always, our students were wonderful ambassadors for the school and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Lily P. 9A, Francis W. 9A, Fatima K. 9C, Tomika M. 9C, Hamani T. 9L, Elena Nicole M. 9T, Melissa B. 9T, Ghazal K. 9T, Alisha J.10A, Iman A.10C, Aaliyah B.10C, Giselle C.10C, Isabelle W. 10C, Angelina V.10H, Skaiste S. 10P