Tycoons in School Competition

Posted on: 04/07/2017

Our new year 13 students were given the opportunity to join a team to enter the “Tycoons in School Competition” which is organised by Peter Jones CBE.  Students had to apply for a position and suggest which aspect of the business team they wanted to be involved in.  After a careful selection process 11 members were chosen.  Our first “working business lunch” took place on Friday 30th June in preparation for the competition in the Autumn Term.

This is a national enterprise competition, where they need to create and sell a product and make as much money as possible within a 6 week period.  This was our first working business lunch, to prepare for the competition in the Autumn term.

We will keep you posted with information from the team and our progress throughout the year.

The business team consists of:  Lamia El-Bouazzaoui, Lola Jones, Ellie Costello, Mariam Ahmed, Reanne Behan, Maryam Al Badry, Faima Rahman, Destiny Lawrence, Busra Geyik, Charlotte Schlichter, Tamera Choudhury.

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