Music and Drama students at the StoneX Stadium event for IWD

Posted on: 09/03/2022

Music and Drama students at the StoneX Stadium event for IWD.  The students received a standing ovation and were a true credit to themselves and our school. 

IWD music and drama event at StoneX Stadium in partnership with Barnet Council to launch their new 3-year strategy for the prevention of domestic abuse and violence against women and girls.

Our 31 students from Years 7-11 received a standing ovation for their 4 performances today; 2 choir songs, 1 drama item and 1 vocal solo.

Ms Dyson and I are so pleased with the Y7/8 drama group who performed with confidence and flair, and the choir were confident, animated and committed.  This was only the choirs second performance, but they were a true credit to themselves and the school in the quality of their performance and their conduct. They received many personal compliments from the large adult audience made up of charities and professional organisations all affiliated with the Barnet strategy.

They were also treated to a fantastic lunch!

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