Year 10 students attended Holocaust Memorial Day Event at Hasmonean Girls School

Posted on: 31/01/2022

Copthall was extremely happy to take up Hasmonean Girls school’s invitation for twenty Year 10 students to attend a Holocaust Memorial Day event on Friday 28th January.  The students were very warmly welcomed by Hasmonean and participated fully in a range of activities.  It was fantastic to see students from both schools discovering more about each other, and realising that they shared similar hopes and interests.  Mrs Abecasis,  gave a very moving presentation about Alfred who was a child when the Nazis came to power in Germany.  His family were forced to flee from Nazi persecution and then broken up entirely when he and his sister were placed in a catholic orphanage in the hope of saving them.  Alfred never saw his parents again but did survive the war and ended up travelling to the United States as a teenager with his sister.  It was very emotional when Mrs Abecasis revealed that Alfred was her father.  The visit gave students a valuable insight into the impact of the Holocaust, and helped to strengthen links between the two schools.

Written by Kath Viala

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