Daisy Pulls It Off! - Drama Production at Copthall

Posted on: 24/05/2017

On Tuesday 23rd May Year 8 drama club performed a one off performance of ‘Daisy pulls it Off’.

Energetic Daisy Meredith, a girl from a poor background, is forced to face and overcome snobbish prejudice and schoolgirl pranks from the wealthier girls. She and her best friend, zany Trixie Martin, search for the missing treasure that could save the fortunes of the exclusive Grangewood School for Young Ladies. Along the way, Daisy overcomes false accusations, saves the lives of her enemies and discovers a big secret.

For some of the students this was the first time they had ever had to learn lines, be part of a cast and dedicate their time to rehearsals. The evening was fantastic the girls entertained the audience from start to finish! There was plenty of laughter and enjoyment had from all.  I was extremely proud of the performance they gave; they all worked so incredibly hard and hopefully they will take up the opportunity to perform again.  

Mrs. Dyson

Written by Mrs Dyson




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