'Alternarratives' student focus group at Copthall

Posted on: 02/03/2020

Last Monday a representative of Nesta, a charitable organisation specialising in innovation, came to speak to a focus group of students from Years 7,8 10 and 11.  All students either currently are, or have been involved in the Franklin Scholars mentoring programme run at Copthall.  Rachel, from Nesta, wanted to know about students’ reading habits and what they enjoy.  She also asked them about other ways in which they access story-telling, for example what they watch and use on social media.  Tik Tok definitely formed a significant part of the conversation.  Rachel is going to feed back the ideas to writers entering the Nesta ‘Alternarratives’ competition which is offering £15,000 to writers to come up with new ideas to engage young people in reading.

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