2019 GCSE Results

Posted on: 27/08/2019

GCSE 2019

For the third year running, GCSE results are outstanding!

Copthall School continues to prove that they deliver consistently excellent results year on year, with outstanding GCSE results in English, French, RE & Chemistry.

Copthall’s mission of ‘Excellent Education for All’ is evident in another set of bumper GCSE results which establishes a strong platform for students to embark on their next steps, whether it is further education, training or employment.


  • English continue to maintain outstanding results with 90% of grades at 9-4  
  • Third of grades are 9-7 in English Literature and Language
  • 15% increase in 9-4 grades for Combined Science
  • Quarter of grades are 9-7 in Maths
  • Up 4% in our top end grades in Maths
  • 40% of grades in RE are 9-7

9-7 grades

  • 66.7% of students achieving 9-7 grades in Chemistry
  • 40% of students achieving 9-7 grades in RE
  • 36.36% of students achieving 9-7 grades in Spanish
  • 50% of students achieving 9-7 grades in Dance

9-4 grades

  • 100% of students achieving 9-4 grades in Art
  • 96% of students achieving 9-4 grades in French
  • 80% of students achieving 9-4 grades in Geography
  • 77% of students achieving 9-4 in Spanish

Progress Headlines

Provisional Progress 8 = +0.83 which should place us in the top 3% in the country for progress and define us as a well above average school

Data from the Department for Education already shows that over the last 3 years’ students at Copthall School have made on average better than expected progress compared to their peers nationally. Results are a testament to the continued hard work of all staff and the dedicated students.

The School’s exceptional figures were accompanied by some extraordinary individual results from a number of students:

 Student successes:


1x6, 1x7, 5x8, 1A, 1A*

Devika Shah

8x9, 1x8 (is the highest performer in GCSE History in the country)

Tasnima Rahim

7x9, 1x8, 1x7

Lema Wakman

6x9, 2x8, 1x5

Melisa Ak

4x9, 4x8, 1x7, 1xA*

Sadia Zare

5x9, 3x8, 1x7

Najwa Arafah

4x9, 5x8

Djamlia Halouane

5x9, 4x8

Mathura Sooriyakumaran

3x9, 2x8, 3x7, 1x6

Mariam Ebrahim

2x9, 3x8, 3x7, 1x6

Gul Noor Jan

7x8, 1x7, 1x6

Archana Vivekananthan

2x9, 1x8, 5x7, 1x6

Leila Lharri

1x9, 3x8, 5x8

Neshali Yogarajah

4x9, 1x7, 3x5, 1x4

Sakina Shareef

2x9, 2x8, 3x7, 2x6

Yasmin Ibrahim

4x8, 4x7, 1x6

Kawthar Tchakar

1x9, 3x8, 4x7, 1x6

Jane Graham

2x9, 1x8, 3x7, 3x6

Darsana Vimalesan

2x9, 3x7, 3x6, 1x5

Sanuvi Warsha Hannadige

2x8, 4x7, 3x6

Kainat Rehman

1x9, 2x8, 2x7, 3x6, 1x5

Tiffany Betts

3x8, 4x7, 1x6, 1x4

Malyun Abdalla

2x8, 4x7, 2x6, 1x5

Sharifa Satvilker

3x8, 2x7, 4x6

Maryam Amla

2x9, 2x7, 4x6, 1x5

Molly Alsop

2x8, 1x7, 5x6

Sana Sherif

1x9, 2x7, 5x6, 1x5

Julia Pawlik

2x8, 3x7, 3x6, 1x5

Sarah Wasin

1x9, 1x8, 2x7, 1x5

Holly Johnson

1Xd2, 3x7, 4x6

Lilly Walker

7x9, 1x8, 1x7


Evelyn Forde, Headteacher, said: Following on from this years A-level results which were exceptionally strong, I am delighted that the GCSE results are equally impressive which shows that the hard work from both staff and students has paid off.  Students can now embark on the next part of their educational journey with confidence and I am sure that they will continue to be aspirational and amazing young women.

Ami Patel Assistant Headteacher, said: “I am delighted for our students, they have shown great determination, hard work, aspiration, and commitment and are very deserving of these results.  As a results of this, many more will be able to stay on and flourish in our successful Sixth Form. The future is bright, keep working hard, aim high and make it count.


Written by Ms E Forde

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