Chickenshed Workshop Y9 & 10

Posted on: 18/07/2019

Chicken shed


What is it like to be labelled? Read our student feedback below

Student Feedback Copthall School 16/07/19

I thought the workshop was insightful and made me think deeper in to how I viewed the world

This was the best workshop ever

I liked the discussions and I found it interesting and inspiring

A good experience, a good workshop that helps us be more confident I would love to join

I liked it I thought it was inspiring and encouraged me to be more confident, also not to be embarrassed or unconfident about my background or myself

I enjoyed this because it was interactive and I felt connected with people I didn’t know much about it before. It was fun and a great experience

It was really fun, exciting and would like to join Chickenshed

A good workshop which highlighted really important issues In society, current labels in society it was interesting and a good mix of performance and interaction,

Makes you think about how you feel about labels put on you everyday, it gives you time to clear your headspace and focus on yourself

I enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again, the company is diverse which makes people feel included. The issues spoken about were eye opening

I enjoyed the session as it helped me acknowledge that everyone judges people through first impressions and through looks/backgrounds etc. It also helped me breakdown some of the labels and barriers. I really enjoyed it.

Made me think about society and what people can think of you

I liked it because it helped engage everyone, also because its not only for people who want to be actors or do drama it’s for everybody. I also liked the activities because it felt real and it helped convey a message from people to people. Thank you

I enjoyed the session. It gave me an experience of how people are labelled just by their first impressions and how everyone has a view on the world. Thank you for coming

I liked the session, I enjoyed relating to others in the room and learning more about others. I learnt more about people, more than I did before. As we continued, I felt less nervous and I enjoyed the blindfold part also, thank you. I realise there are more to people than what we see or what they show

I really enjoyed todays workshop because I thought it gave us a good overview of what “chickenshed” is and how we can involve ourselves in ways that could help us as individuals and helped us realise the importance of having our stories heard. I would defiantly consider finding out more about the charity.

It was good, I thought it was very inspiring and learnt a lot

Great team and people and am amazing workshop. I really enjoyed it, I learnt a lot during this workshop

Really good, might consider it raised awareness to others. Can I just say you guys are really good!

Very good, it helped me to feel like I was not the only one and raised awareness about a lot of important things.

Chickenshed really made me aware of how everyone is the same in a way, but not categorised, labelled differently and how labelling can really have impact on people. They made me feel like I was not the only one.

I really enjoyed the different activities and the self-reflection that we did. Its helped me know more about myself and how far I have come, I have learnt labelling, judging and stereotypes.

I really enjoyed today it was fun and really nice. The people were really nice and good actors, I really understand what was being said today, Chickenshed is the best and I would do it again. Thank you

Made me show emotions, loves the girl singing.

I enjoyed the experience it was very encouraging and it made me feel comfortable

The workshop was very good because it was interactive which made everyone engaged with what was happening.

I thought that the workshop was really thoughtful and really helps people become more confident and open.

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