HopeCopthall have won the Tycoons in School competition!

Posted on: 27/09/2021

On Friday 24thSeptember HOPE attended the grand final of the Peter Jones Foundation enterprise competition ‘Tycoons in Schools’. There was great excitement and preparation about meeting the very tall man himself, and rehearsals for their live pitch on the stage at Hampton Court Palace. The Team were nominated as finalists in 2 Categories: Tycoon 1K and Tycoon Impact Awards. They absolutely owned the stage and left Peter Jones question less. He commented on their passion and belief, he ‘love loved’ their slogan and said they could probably be more effective than some of the leading campaigns we’ve seen in the country. 

With their profits they were able to donate £250 to the Black Curriculum and a further £168 to Book Love and Beyond raising money to donate multicultural book boxes to schools.

They were announced winners of both awards and enjoyed every minute of their well-earned success. They couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of staff and students so thank you to everyone who supported them by purchasing their merchandise and spreading their message of hope. 

Congratulations to all the team!



Copthall School previously won the Tycoons in School competition in 2017 with the PumpIt Water campaign. 

Read more PumpIt here:


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