Demystifying Single Sex Education Q&A

Demystifying Single Sex Education.

Choosing a single-sex education for your daughter is a personal choice, but we see the benefits every day. However, it does attract a lot of myths and misconceptions, which we have addressed below.


Myth- Girls are socially disadvantaged if they don’t socialise with the opposite gender at school

At Copthall, our students are empowered to use their voices positively to ensure they are able to have articulate and thought-provoking conversations in any circle.   We also offer lots of opportunities for our students to mix with students from other mixed and single-sex schools.

Myth- Girls are more prone to higher degrees of mental health and anxiety if they are not in a mixed school

Mental health is a huge issue among teenagers and is not exclusive to girls.   At Copthall our pastoral care is superb, and we have strategically invested in non-teaching Directors of Learning and School Counsellors.

In single-sex schools, girls thrive at subjects traditionally associated as being ‘masculine’

Our students feel confident to pick any option subject they have a passion for and subjects like Design and Technology, The Sciences, and Maths are very popular as we champion STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths), often subjects that are off-putting to girls in a mixed environment.

Single-sex education teaches students to be ardent feminists who don’t like men!

Copthall School is all about the celebration of girls, rather than the absence of boys. We believe in equality and kindness for all.

Girl's academic achievements are often muted in mixed environments

Yes, this can be true. Many parents tell us that they see a huge difference in their daughter’s academic confidence after being with us. As if she now feels ‘allowed’ to be proud to be successful and smart.

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