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Change of mind? It's not too late to place Copthall as your first choice in 2024!

If you did not place Copthall as your first choice on the eAdmissions portal, you can still request a change of preference. You should do this as soon as possible but before 7 March 2024 (7 days after National Offer Day).  To change your preference:

  1. Login to your eAdmissions account.

  2. Change your secondary school preference and have Copthall as your first choice

  3. If possible, include your eAdmissions reference number (not essential)

  4. Include your daughter’s name and full address details

  5. If your application is made before 1 March, you should receive Copthall as your school choice on National Offer Day (1 March 2024)

  6. If your application is made after 1 March and we still have space available, you should receive Copthall as your school choice in the second round of offers (end March 2024).

Further information on the secondary school application process is published on the eAdmissions online portal and on Barnet’s website:

Copthall Virtual Tour

I am Ms McIntyre, Head of Year 7

A very warm welcome to Copthall School!

I am Ms McIntyre, Head of Year 7

One of my favourite things about this role is seeing the young people make a positive transition into the school! From the developing of new friendships, to finding your way around a larger timetable; taking those first few steps to becoming a responsible, independent year 7. From the first day, you can expect to meet a supportive form tutor, who will help you to navigate your way through the first few weeks and support you with the day-to-day activities. You can also expect to meet a team of dedicated teachers, who will begin to instil your enthusiasm in their subjects. Your safety is paramount to us and you will have a supportive team of trusted adults to help you with any issues that arise during your transition. You can also expect to engage in a variety of fun activities, such as a sleepover and many celebration events.

We look forward to welcoming you into our school community

Why Study at Copthall

  • Copthall School is a high achieving and exceptionally successful girls’ comprehensive school for students aged 11 to 18. 
  • Our mission statement, ‘Excellent Education for All’ and our five key Values underpin everything that we do to ensure all our students leave us confident, ambitious and determined to be the very best they can be.  
  • Our Values 

Respect: Pride and respect in the cultural diversity of our school and the global environment in which we live
Equality for all: An environment of kindness and tolerance that demonstrates equality for all
Support and Safety: A school that cares and is inclusive, supportive and safe for all
Aspiration: Expectation and celebration of high standards of aspiration and achievement in learning and life
Responsibility: Being responsible and ready for learning

  • Student mental health and wellbeing is woven throughout our pastoral programme and sits front and centre of our school development plan.   We ensure our students have the best possible pastoral care so that they can remain healthy and thrive socially, emotionally and physically.
  • Academic excellence, inclusivity and strong pastoral care is what we are renowned for.  This has been recognised by the Times Education Supplement.   

Why I love teaching at Copthall?

I love the Copthall school community as it is just so caring, supportive and kind. Students go out of their way to look after each other as well as their teachers and I feel so lucky to work here. It is a true joy to teach at Copthall!
Ms M. Simons, Teacher of English 

I love working at Copthall because, Copthall have a great Leader and staff are lovely, helpful and smiling. 
Mrs A Dehnavi, Intervention

The students are what really make the school. They, along with staff, make up a family like atmosphere which is apparent when you walk around the school. The school has really made great strides to become a good school and we are transforming to become outstanding!
Miss P Dave, Senior Director of Learning

I love working at Copthall because my students are eager to learn, make progress and achieve excellent results.
Miss N Rathindran, Teacher of English & Media

I love working at Copthall because I get to teach girls’ who are passionate about learning. The day starts by greeting my wonderful form; who always enter the room with a smile on their face. This sets me up and places a spring in my step for the day ahead. My colleagues also keep me motivated; everyone has made me  feel so welcome which I am truly grateful for.
RE Teacher

I enjoy the camaraderie and general support within our SEND team. The students are varied and all have their special qualities
Mrs R Mojaria, Teaching Assistant

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to do supply work in your school. It was gratifying to see how committed,  helpful and respectful everyone was and this includes both staff and students. A deep sense of respect for diversity which permeates right from the top of the hierarchy. A deep sense of innate belief - This can be only down to one important factor: Good leadership and this was confirmed from my interactions with both members of staff and students. Well done for getting this RIGHT. Thank you to the Headteacher, receptionists, librarian, the lady who led me all the way to the library, students and the  entire community of Copthall School for Girls. I'm humbled by this experience. Thank you.
Mr Buadi – Cover Supervisor


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