Messages from Head Students 2023-2024

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My seven year journey as a Copthall student has moulded me into a determined and ambitious person who values individuality and achievements. My aspirations as a student and a young person have flourished under Copthall School. The community of supportive teachers and hard working students creates a motivational atmosphere where students feel praised for their dedication. As Head Girl, I take pride in being a part of this environment and watching each set of students have access to reaching their full potential. Copthall’s value of Equality for All is an undeniable quality that saturates the school building, each student is recognised as different and from there, their needs are catered to by the staff. Copthall School has made it a point to prioritise student voice and with the involvement of the Senior Student Leadership Team, the younger years are reassured that they can always find support in all areas of our school.

There is a diverse selection of subjects to choose from for GCSE and A-Levels - enabling students to delve into their different passions and interests. Students are provided with many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, like enrichment or school clubs, varying from sports, languages, music or debate club. Copthall shines a light on uniqueness and urges each student to find their purpose and embrace it beyond education. 

I can confidently say that I am pleased with my choice to continue on and complete my A-Levels at Copthall. I cannot wait to see how Copthall continues to excel.

Maryam S.
Head Student Year 13

ImageDuring my seven years at Copthall, I have developed a determined and ambitious character, which I am proud of. My time at Copthall has always been pleasant, and that is due to the outstanding education the school offers each student on their academic journey.  

Copthall School has given me, and others, great opportunities that have allowed us to develop a love of learning. Students here are all encouraged to progress and achieve our goals as young females, who are ready to become successful women. 

Here at Copthall we have a strong belief that anything is possible, and this is reflected in the importance we place on International Women’s Day. We use this day as an opportunity to celebrate female empowerment, through activities and workshops that range from a school protest march to panel discussions with influential women. International Women’s Day at Copthall is a great representation of the passion and commitment our community has for young women to achieve.  

In addition to this, our school recognises the importance of good mental health to student well-being and achievement. Staff and students have implemented a variety or resources that allow students to feel safe and supported. These include support rooms run by sixth formers who are mental health first aid trained and regular yoga sessions.  

Along with these services, the initiatives set in place to celebrate student achievements allows us to feel a sense of accomplishment in our education. I particularly enjoy our weekly Values Breakfast, designed to recognise and treat students from each year group for their consistency and hard work! 

Reflecting on my time at Copthall so far, one thing I really value is the diversity of our community. At this school, each student can find a role model, and that role model can become their inspiration.

My Copthall journey draws to an end this academic year, and I am privileged to have my role as a Head Girl at this great school.  Through this, I can reinforce our headteachers message of enjoyment within learning, as I truly believe it is the centre of limitless possibilities for all students across Copthall. 

Zainab A.F.
Head Student Year 13