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Welcome to Advanced Level PHYSICS:


  • To understand the nature of the Universe and to solve real practical problems.
  • To develop investigative skills.
  • To develop and promote independent learning skills
  • To develop mathematical and analytical skills to solve complex abstract concepts.

Why Choose A-Level Physics

Physics is seen in every part of the universe, from the properties of protons and neutrons to the movement of objects in the universe.  In fact, Physics is vital in explaining and discovering forces and objects we have yet to discover. Whether you wish to study Astronomy, Engineering, Quantum Physics, Electronics or just curious about how the way the world works, Physics is for you.

Furthermore, Physics and the problem solving skills it develops is useful in many different jobs including agriculture, project management, environmental sciences, construction, manufacturing, medicine and nursing, medical technology.

Internal Assessments and Intervention

There will be three end of term assessments and some end of topic tests that students are expected to revise thoroughly for. If there are problems then a Clinic operates for one hour a week, after school where girls can study together and get help from Physics staff.  Students will also be provided with revision packs which they are expected to work through as supplementary work.

Furthermore, pupils will be expected to complete 12 core practicals through which they will be assessed on their investigative skills.  Students must achieve an overall pass for module and their examination will cover specific aspects of such investigative skills.

Mandatory Units

There are 8 Mandatory Sections (Units).  They are:

  • Measurements and their errors
  • Particles and Radiation
  • Waves
  • Mechanics and Materials
  • Electricity
  • Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics
  • Fields and Their consequences
  • Nuclear Physics

Optional Units:

There are five optional topics as part of the full A-level course so students can focus on their areas of interest:

• Astrophysics

• Medical physics

• Turning points in physics

• Engineering physics (re-branded Applied physics)

• Electronics


Lectures at IOP; Lectures by guest speakers at other Barnet Schools; Lectures at Universities; Physics conference.

Examination Board and Number:

AQA – AS  7407

AQA – A Level 7408

Details about the course can be found on the following link:   AQA

General advice:

There will be a significant increase in the mathematical content of the physics course so it would be advisable that students wishing to study physics have a good GCSE grade in Science and Mathematics (Grade 7-9) and allocate sufficient time during the course brushing up on the specialist mathematical skill required.  Candidates with a strong grade 6 in Mathematics and Science will be considered on a case by case basis.


Useful Links

Useful Links

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