Science KS5 Biology

Welcome to the Biology Department

Biology Department Vision

The Copthall Biology Department’s vision is to inspire pupils to be curious about their world; to respect and conserve their natural environment, to nurture their health and to appreciate the merit of STEM careers.


There are 4 designated and well-equipped laboratories and we have superb new microscopes which we use to analyse cells.  Students are taught by 4 subject experts, all of whom have a wealth of teaching experience and come from a variety of biological and biomedical backgrounds. Biology is all about experiencing the world around us and as such the department runs an annual A level field trip to Epping Forest.

Extra-curricular Activities

There is a Biology Clinic to support students with their classwork and homework and we develop interview skills with 6th formers who apply to Biological and Medical courses at University and Oxbridge.

Entry Requirements

This is an academically rigorous course which requires a robust foundation of knowledge.  As a result, students are expected to have a minimum qualification of 6,6  at Science GCSE.  The course also requires students to be confident and able mathematicians as 10% of the marks awarded in the examinations are for mathematics and data analysis.

Subject Documents Date  
AQA Biology Al/AS Specification 7401 7402 SP 2015 21st May 2020 Download
6th form course guide Biology 2.pdf 21st May 2020 Download
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