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Biology Department Vision

To inspire and empower our students to make exceptional progress in science, to ensure they reach their academic potential and have the tools to apply scientific reasoning and logical thinking to everyday life and STEM based careers.

Why choose A Level Biology?

Biology is an exciting subject where students develop a deeper understanding of life science.  Biology not only equips students with a sound knowledge and understanding of biological concepts and scientific processes but also offers the opportunity to explore the ethical and moral issues related to the effects of  human activities on biological systems.    It is a key subject which can lead to many STEM careers; for example, healthcare, zoology, medicine to name a few. 

The students will develop greater expertise in the area of practical work and the appreciation of the link between theory and experimental work.  Practical work is at the heart of Biology. All students taking an A-level Biology qualification will have opportunities to use a range of apparatus and develop and demonstrate practical techniques. There are 12 core practical that need to be completed during the course which will be assessed by teachers based on direct observation of students’ competency

Biology is a linear course which is taught over 2 years during which the students will develop appreciation of their significance in the wider world. The students will be internally assessed throughout the course through end of term mocks, quiz and mini tests for which the students are expected to revise thoroughly for.


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Entry Requirements

This is an academically rigorous course which requires a robust foundation of knowledge.  As a result, students are expected to have a minimum qualification of 6,6  at Science GCSE.  The course also requires students to be confident and able mathematicians as 10% of the marks awarded in the examinations are for mathematics and data analysis.



Specialist teachers are always available to support students and answer any questions they may have.  We also support students with interview skills, especially those who apply to Medical courses at University and Oxbridge.

Intervention through sessions after school to support students achieve their academic goals.

Careers & Employment

Biology at A level provides the foundation for many courses at university and many areas of employments. Our recent graduates have progressed to study such subjects as Biomedical science, Pharmacology, Dentistry, Midwifery, and Medicine at prominent universities across the country.

Recommended Reading


Charles Darwin -  The origin of species

Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene

Brenda Maddox - Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA

Rebecca Skloot -  The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks

James Watson: DNA - The Secret of Life


MDPI Biology Journal -

Royal Society Journals -

Cell -


The Science Faculty enjoys excellent facilities with 9 well equipped purpose built laboratories and a great team of subject specialists. The team is led by a Curriculum Leader. The faculty receives excellent support from an experienced team of professional technicians.