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Music is at the very heart of Copthall life.

Every student has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and experience the thrill of performing, regardless of grade, ability or background. In the Music Department our vision is to create an inspirational environment, where we encourage each student to express their individuality, develop their independence and take every opportunity to pursue their ambitions.

The Music Department’s extra-curricular programme offers a range of inclusive activities such as;

  • Choir
  • Guitar
  • Music Tech Club
  • Samba Band (Summer Term only)

We have a team of experienced peripatetic teachers from the Barnet Educational Arts Trust (BEAT) and we offer a wide range of lessons in various instruments such as; piano, voice, guitar, drums, brass, strings etc…

We mentor soloists and bands and everyone is given an opportunity to develop their skills, by participating in some of our events throughout the year such as concerts, productions and workshops.


We have 2 music rooms equipped with Keyboards and a selection of other instruments including; Djembe Drums, Samba Percussion, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars, Ukuleles and a variety of tuned and un-tuned percussion.

Our GCSE students use iPads, Macbooks, Garage Band and Logic Pro X alongside MIDI keyboards to complete their compositions. We also use a web app called Focus on Sound to develop our student’s listening and appraisal skills

Summer & Winter Concerts

A large number of our music students took part in our Winter Festive Showcase, including the school choir and a wide variety of instrumental soloists and small ensemble. The evening also saw a number of pieces which the students had either written or arranged themselves.

We are also looking forward to our summer concert and rehearsals are well underway for this! Watch this space and check the website for more information.


GCSE Music

Students opting to study GCSE Music in Year 9 will follow a programme of study set out by EDUQAS. They will focus on Performing (30%), Composition (30%) and Music Appraisal (40%). This allows students to develop into well rounded musicians and our key stage 3 curriculum is designed to support students in making the best possible progress in this examination by providing them with a solid grounding in all of the above musical disciplines. Our curriculum allows student opportunities to develop their individual instrumental skills as well their ensemble skills by providing a wide range of musically enriching activities.

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