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Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Department

Department Vision

The MFL department’s vision at Copthall is to inspire a love of language learning that extends outside of the classroom and develops our girls as global citizens in an ever-multicultural world. At the heart of our vision is the notion of life-long language learning, equipping our girls to have a transformative impact upon their communities.

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KS5 Curriculum Map - Spanish

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At Copthall, the MFL department aims to provide a curriculum that is both challenging and engaging and meets the needs of all learners. We strive to ensure that students’ learning is good by developing the four language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, as well as their understanding and appreciation of the culture of the country whose language they are learning which they can draw on in later life, based on a sound foundation of core grammar and vocabulary. The use of the Target Language by teachers in lessons and of authentic materials in the form of written texts, visual clips and audio files helps to bring the language to life in the classroom, drawing upon a wealth of cultural capital. As a result of good teaching and learning, our students are able to meet their potential and there is a good uptake of Modern Languages at GCSE and beyond. Students at Copthall who study languages are equipped with the skills to become fully participating citizens in an increasingly globalised world, developing resilience, confidence and the ability to express themselves/communicate in a variety of ways.



One thing that makes studying Modern Foreign Languages so exciting at Copthall is the opportunity to partake in trips abroad. Past trips have enjoyed a day trip to Boulogne, France, a residential trip to Cantabria, Spain, and a residential trip to Paris, all of which were extremely successful and culturally immersive experiences that saw our students practise their language of study in an authentic setting.

Furthermore, the MFL department is comprised of passionate linguists and is proud to speak a number of languages in addition to French and Spanish, including: German, Portuguese, Italian, Farsi, Dari and Hindi. Our students show a great interest in expanding their repertoire of languages and as such enjoy many lunch time clubs offered at all Key Stages, including a film club with a focus on world cinema.

Recommended Reading

Students are encouraged to consolidate their language learning at home. Below are some recommended websites we encourage our students to use:

Careeers & Employment

Learning a language opens the door to a number of career pathways in a multitude of settings. Careers linked to languages include: the hospitality industry, journalism, international sales, translation, politics, law and many more! Students are made aware of the advantages that come with speaking a foreign language from the outset at Copthall and are encouraged to attend several extra-curricular events that illustrate this, including a trip to the French and Spanish institutes in London, a visit to a London university, in addition to benefiting from presentations from external speakers.


The Modern Languages department is currently accommodated in four classrooms each with an Interactive Whiteboard as well as computer rooms at our disposal and a large bank of textual and audio-visual resources to maximise student attainment.

Students appreciate in particular the number of bespoke tenses, grammar and revision booklets they are provided to support their learning journey, no matter what stage they are at.