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A Level Media Studies

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Aims and Expectations

Media Studies at Copthall has proven to be a very successful A Level subject. Students who get the opportunity to study the Media get very good results because they are not only doing something that they have not had the opportunity to do before but are also given the tools to look at the world in a way that they have never done before. Enthusiasm for the subject comes from the contextual relevance of it. People today live in a Media saturated world and it is important to understand how, why and by whom Media texts are constructed.  To further secure their understanding they are also given the opportunity to create their own Media texts which demonstrates and nurtures student’s creative skills, team work and organisation skills that they are not given the opportunity to show in other subjects.

  • Strong passes in English Language and Literature.
  • At least two C grades in English.
  • The ability to show commitment to working as part of a group and to meeting deadlines.
  • An enthusiastic approach to keeping up with, and ahead of, debates regarding current media issues in the news, television and film.
  • Students must show dedication to independent study, researching and analysing media texts; and working with practical equipment.
  • Students need to develop their critical thinking and ability to seek out the ‘why’ in meanings created by The Media.


The Media Studies Department has run and offers lots of exciting extra- curricular events. These include cinema trips to watch films you wouldn’t normally watch. Study days at the British Film Institute in London and work-shops with ‘The Social Partners’ an award winning advertising agency. Because the Media is always evolving and shaping the way that we see the world it is important to develop your understanding of it and these extra-curricular activities are an essential part of this. 

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Media A level course outline 10th Jun 2020 Download
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