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Literacy is a key focus at Copthall School and students are expected to engage with literacy at all levels.

We place a strong emphasis on developing students’ reading skills, in order to increase both their confidence and the range of their reading. 

In addition to this, we aim to develop students’ communication skills, with a particular emphasis on functional writing skills, in order to ensure that all students can communicate confidently and competently. These skills will not only prepare them for their public examinations, but also their further education and their future careers.

In years 7 and 8, the Accelerated Reader programme is used to support and monitor students’ progress with reading. Library lessons take place once a fortnight, where students have the opportunity to engage with new books, take quizzes and develop their reading skills. Students who require additional support with their reading can be entered into Reading Catch-Up once a week. Students in Year 9 are also given the opportunity for time-tabled lessons in the library, in order to continue to improve their reading skills and engagement with literature.

Students in years 7 have time-tabled Literacy lessons once a fortnight, which are designed to introduce them to a diverse range of literary heritage texts. Within Literacy lessons, there is also a clear focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar in order to improve the accuracy of students’ writing.

In years 9-11, literacy lessons run alongside the main English Language and Literature lessons, providing tailored support for targeted students (5/6 borderline) in order to ensure that they excel on their GCSE examinations.

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