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A Curriculum for Life

At Copthall, we believe passionately in the importance of equipping our girls with the necessary skills, information and character traits to manage themselves in the modern world. PSHE lessons are an invaluable opportunity for students to learn more about the wider world and themselves.

Thousands of young people spoke out via UK Youth Parliament in 2017 about the need for effective PSHE education for all students, in order to equip them to actively participate in life. Copthall has listened. We have devised a curriculum focused on empowering our girls to lead happy, healthy lives, both now and in the future.

How does PSHE embed the school values?

Respect – to demonstrate respect when learning different topics in PSHE, keeping an open mind and being mindful of others’ beliefs and cultures.

Equality for all – to learn about the importance of not discriminating against one another regardless of culture, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation.

Support and Safety – to encourage all students to ask questions, learn from mistakes, listen to and support each other in a safe, mixed ability learning environment.

Aspiration – To have the highest expectations of all students so that each student can confidently and respectfully express themselves during and after their PSHE lessons.

Responsibility – to insist that students take responsibility for their learning, are engaged in lessons, and ask questions. 

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PSHE Programme

The lessons are taught in form groups and take place fortnightly. This is a non-examination subject for all key stages.

PSHE lessons are divided into three broad themes:

1. Healthy Living and Wellbeing

2. Relationships and Sex Education

3. The Wider World

Lesson topics include mental health, online safety, democracy and voting, finance, writing CVs, post-18 options, consent, healthy relationships and much more.

Copthall students also have the opportunity to hear from a range of exciting, informative speakers in PSHE and take part in workshops from a variety of external providers.

All PSHE lessons uphold the British Values and Copthall Values, encouraging mutual respect, tolerance, aspiration, equal treatment of all, understanding of democratic rights and much more.

For a more detailed review of the PSHE curriculum, please find the curriculum review below.


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