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To provide a Geography curriculum which develops outstanding learners who are inspired and engaged in the world around them

Geography Department Aims

  • Foster an appreciation and awareness of the world and the impacts humans have on the environment at local, national and global scales.
  • Develop an awareness of their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.
  • Understand the physical environment and the way humans interact with their environment.
  • Develop a broad range of geographical and transferrable skills, useful across subjects and highly valued by employers (these include ICT, numeracy, literacy skills).
  • Fully equip students with knowledge and understanding to succeed in Geography at KS4, 5 and beyond.

Facilities and Resources

Geography is taught across three classrooms, each with an interactive whiteboard.  Pupils have access to a range to textbooks and differentiated resources, as well as fieldwork equipment.

Students are taught following regularly updated schemes of learning which meet the National Curriculum and examination requirements.

Subject Documents Date  
Geography KS3 Overview 29th Apr 2020 Download
Geography KS4 Overview 29th Apr 2020 Download
Geography A Level Overview 29th Apr 2020 Download
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