Welcome to the Drama Department

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Department Vision

The Drama department’s vision is to develop our students’ creativity and nurture essential life skills such as: effective teamwork, communication, confidence, the ability to present in an engaging and articulate way, empathy, self-discipline, evaluation and self-reflection.  In addition we aim to encourage an appreciation for Theatre and the Performing Arts as well as enabling our girls to express themselves and work in a practical and creative way.

The expectations within Drama are high, both in the standard of work and behaviour expected.

All pupils must be prepared to work effectively with every member of their class, regardless of friendship groups, background or faith. We understand that Drama can take many pupils out of their comfort zone and therefore we strive to create a supportive, inclusive environment for all our pupils, enabling them to contribute and participate in an uninhibited way.


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The Drama department continues to buzz with life during lunchtimes and after school hours. We run internal Drama clubs for Key Stage 3, extension sessions for our KS4 students and a range of rehearsals and intervention sessions for our examination candidates to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Current extra-curricular includes:

  • Mondays 1.40 – 2.10pm Year 7 Drama Club with Mrs Dyson in Hut 68
  • Tuesdays 1.40 – 2.10pm Year 8 & 9 Drama Club with Mr Beavis & Mrs Dyson in Hut 68
  • Tuesdays 3.15 – 4.15pm Coursework Clinic / Supervised Rehearsals with Mr Beavis in Hut 68
  • Wednesdays 1.40 – 2.10pm Key Stage 4 and 5 Drama Club with Mr Beavis in Hut 68

Throughout the academic year we run a variety of trips to see a range of theatre. Trips are aimed at complementing the curriculum and offering the pupils first-hand experience of seeing a live performance.

Careers & Employment

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Recommended Reading

General advice to all Key Stage 4 & 5 pupils

In order to extend their understanding and repertoire of Drama and Theatre, pupils should endeavour to see as much theatre as they can. This does not have to be expensive. Many theatres offer heavily discounted tickets to young people. Below are some links for theatres that support and encourage young people’s attendance by offering discounted schemes:

There are a range of useful resources available to our students on line, some of the most interesting websites to visit include:

Additional websites / resources that may prove to be useful include:


The Drama department boasts three practical spaces within the school:

  • Hut 68 – a large, ‘black box’ style studio space which is equipped with stage lighting and the department’s costume and prop store. This studio allows students to work in a generous rehearsal space and is also used an intimate performance space for internal showcasing of work.
  • Room 44 - is the stage of the school’s main hall. This boasts a lighting rig and black out curtains, allowing for very intimate performances and small group rehearsals.
  • Room 47 - is the department’s smallest rehearsal space, which is mainly used by sixth form groups. Another ‘black box’ studio which is ideal for small groups to work practically in.

All Drama studios have access to theatre lighting, music and stage blocks and boxes. These facilities enable our students to work creatively as actors and directors.

Due to the physical nature of the subject and to ensure the safety of all pupils, girls are expected to be in bare foot / indoor shoes for all Drama lessons. Shorts should also be worn under the uniform skirts to allow the pupils a full range of movement.