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The Dance department’s vision is in line with the school's.

We aim to foster a love of Dance and a love of learning through Dance

The varied curriculum offered by the department aims to develop student’s technical, creative, performing and analytical/observational skills by working individually, in pairs and in groups. We offer all students the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities culminating in performances to parents both in and out of school at Borough and Central London events.

We encourage students to co-operate and work together in Dance to keep each other safe, to encourage mutual respect and to develop confidence in working with and performing to other people.

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KS3 Dance

Year 7

Students begin to explore the basic dance actions and have the chance to explore different styles through performance, choreography and appreciation.

What will they study:

What is Dance? - Students learn about performance skills through the learning of set material as well as the fundamental skills of dance choreography (5 basic actions); jump, turn, travel, gesture, stillness. Adding their own choreography using the 5 basic actions

Musicals - exploring the exaggeration of Musical Theatre. Using narrative and characters to create movement. Annie - use of relationship devices: Students learn how to develop different characters through movement and perform with a partner, as well as how to develop movement using relationship devices.

Bollywood - Students look at the history and origins of this movement style and develop group choreography through the use of patterns, pathways and formations in space.

Motif development inspired by graffiti: Students develop a motif using choreographic devices of speed, fragmentation, dynamics and space, drawing on devices from graffiti art.

African Dance – Students will be introduced to traditional African Dance and how it has influenced social dances that have developed over the years. Performance skills will be developed by learning the traditional dance styles of Dinhe from Northern Zimbabwe and Gumboot from South Africa resulting in a performance piece which explores physical, technical and expressive skills.

Social Dance: Lindy Hop/Jive/Rock ‘n’ Roll - Students look at the history and origins of this movement style. Students learn how to perform with a partner, as well as how to develop movement using relationship devices.

Year 8

Students continue studying a range of dance styles and further deepen their understanding of performance, choreography and appreciation while developing skills in preparation for GCSE Dance.

What will they study:

Matthew Bourne - exploring the work of this famous choreographer - Nutcracker. Students will look at the various sweets and how their characteristics are turned in to movement material.

Music Dance Relationships: Students explore the relationship between dance and music, addressing the following:

Response to mood or atmosphere, contrast and variety, matching the structure of the music, responding to the theme or idea in the music.

Dance Tek Warrior - Students analyse professional dance work ‘Dance Tek Warrior’ and learn how to interpret the theme of video games through exploring character and exaggeration of movement. Looking at how to implement narrative using actions, space, dynamics and relationships.

The Car Man - Students analyse professional dance work ‘The Car Man’ and learn how to communicate a theme. This unit also works on technique and the development of performance skills required for a performance in a trio. Students learn how to creatively and effectively use props within the dance.

Swansong by Christopher Bruce: Students analyse professional dance work ‘Swansong’ and learn how to communicate a theme. Exploring ideas of interrogation. Students learn how to successfully carry out different forms of contact safely and how to add in different lifts using smooth transitions.

Jazz Dance - Students look at the history and origins of this movement style. Students analyse “Thriller” and develop their own choreographic response through the appropriate and creative use of action, space, dynamics and relationships as part of a longer performance piece.


Why Choose Dance?

GCSE Dance is the option for you if you:

  • Have enjoyed Dance at KS3.
  • Have a passion for dance, new ideas and innovation.
  • Want to improve your confidence, creativity, team working skills and fitness level.
  • Like performing and enjoy experience a range of dance styles and genres.
  • Like watching dances, giving your own opinion and responding to other’s works.
  • Love choreographing and communicating to an audience through this art form.
  • Enjoy working with others and trying out new ways of moving and creating movements, including contact work.
  • Want to participate in dance performances and go on theatre visits.

Course Content



Solo performance of 2 Set Phrases
Duo/Trio performance


A solo or a group dance for 2 to 5 dancers


Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills
Critical appreciation of own work
Critical appreciation of professional works

Exam Board – AQA
Final Grade – Grades 1-9

Structure of Assessment

Component 1: 60% of the final GCSE grade

Component 2: 40% of the final GCSE grade


Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular Dance Timetable

Careers & Employment

Choreographer, Community Dance Practitioner, Costume/Set Designer, Dance Performer, Dance/Arts/Culture Officer, Dance Company Education Specialist, Dance Film Maker, Dance Movement Therapist, Dance Journalist, Dance Lecturer or Academic Researcher, Dance Photographer, Dance Project Coordinator or Administrator, Dance Producer, Dance Science, Dance Teacher, Lighting Designer/Technical Production, Management Specialist, Notation/Choreology, Pilates Instructor,, Press and Public Relations Specialist Yoga Instructor, Youth Worker.

For more information about careers in dance please click on the following link.

Recommended Reading

Students at all key stages may find the following websites useful:


Room 12 is our fantastic dance studio and performance space where students are creative and inspired by the exciting dance curriculum we offer. There are various dance clubs and performance opportunities including our Street Crew in partnership with RAD/Step into Dance, wonderful dance company Entice and our flagship partnership with English National Ballet.

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